The Dream Center

Many difficult years of leasing tribal buildings and ministering in the rugged terrains of a tri-state region have motivated the vision and mission of a “dream center,” a place a refuge, relief, and rural community development for the weary and broken people of the Oglala Lakota tribe.

Le-Hocoka Tawoehanbli Un Waziahanhan

(“The Dream Center on Pine Ridge” in the native Lakota language)

Not long ago, The Dream Center on Pine Ridge was just what the name implies: a dream. This rural community development mission and project was realized in 2009 when the main building was raised on the 114-acre grounds purchased the year before. The first phase of construction features a 6,500 square foot temporary sanctuary, a storehouse, offices, a distribution center, kids’ classrooms, an outdoor basketball court, playground, kitchen, bunk house, bath house, and RV hook-ups; all of which can be enjoyed at The Dream Center today.

The Dream Center:
Rural Community Development

  • Kingdom Building Projects
  • Breakout
  • Star Kids & Sparkle

Kingdom Building Projects

The Dream Center is always changing, always growing, always adding new and exciting things. Mission teams come every summer, all summer long, to help us build our dream. Come and see what we’ve got underway … Learn More


How do you reach out to a community stricken by a troubled Oglala Lakota youth? How do you convince an afflicted teen that the way things have always been are not the way they must always be? Learn More

Star Kids & Sparkle

When school lets out for the summer, our youth programs, Star Kids and Sparkle, start gearing up! With exciting activities and Christian faith-based programming for young children up to the age of 12, The Dream Center provides a positive learning environment outside the academic school year.

All that’s been completed and all that’s planned for the future is built on the funds of those who GIVE, and by the hands of those who SERVE.

The leaders, staff, and volunteers of Wings As Eagles Ministries keep their heads up, their hearts open, and their sights set forward to the phases underway, as well as the phases to come. Learn More