2018 Christmas at the Dream Center

Grandma’s came with their grandchildren often seeking not only gifts for her grandchildren but also a hug, a smile, and some warmth. Its cold, its weary, some despairing but always these grandma’s have a big smile to share. Yes, maybe that is all they have to give is a smile. The little grandma’s with so many children to provide for struggle to do their best and they depend on Jesus to help them give gifts to their grandchildren. Many do not have anything to give on Christmas morning, so the ministry always puts some away to give them a few days later. It’s a secret … sssh … don’t tell … and their smiles? The best gift of all. 😀

They came from all over the rez! Over 1,346 gifts where given. The Lakota children had the best time, even the adults were really into the stories of Jesus, the worship,
Christmas songs, and most of all the story of why we celebrate HIM. The greatest gift of all. Our hearts are full of appreciation, we can not say it enough, how we love you all and are moving forward into the new year with strength and power!! To all the churches who gave, the teams that come, the individuals, couples and families who sacrifice to continue year after year on this journey to see more and more kids live, we thank you, God Bless each of you.